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In 1987, I committed my life to presenting the message of Jesus as an evangelist. It led to the creation of Miracle Street and a journey I could never have believed possible all those years ago when I started out. I owe a debt I could never repay to those who have prayed for me, given financially and walked this journey by my side. Far more important that any of us though, are those who have heard our message and joined this great life of faith and transformation through Jesus.

This website will give you an insight into the story these last three decades, how you can support us and what we are believing God for into the future.
When Jesus was on the earth 2,000 years ago the streets he walked became ‘miracle streets’ because of the things he did and the lives he touched. The first Christian church was birthed on the streets of Jerusalem as crowds gathered to hear the early evangelists declare a message of freedom, hope and reconciliation. Though opposition from the religious authorities was fierce, their success in reaching ordinary people was astounding. Thousands gave up everything to follow Jesus.