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Big Steps: Location-based expeditions for men

Big Steps is a series of ‘boots on the ground' experiences for groups of guys from churches Steve works with, together with their friends. Steve’s passion to present the Big Story of Jesus and his life-long journey with the accounts of our wartime past provide the dynamic context for the Big Steps expeditions for men.

The poignant and often iconic WW1 and WW2 locations, either side of the English Channel, create an opportunity to step into the history but also an invitation to exlpore or deepen a personal experience of God. Big questions are asked around topics like conflict, crisis and camaraderie and many guys return home profoundly impacted.

The Big Steps expeditions within reach of Southampton, where Steve is based, can be facilitated in a day, or in some cases an evening. The encounters on the Normandy Beaches in France and on the Western Front in Belgium involve an overnight trip.
An awesome WW2 story acts as a backdrop for so much of Miracle Street's work and why we run the Big Steps expeditions in locations that connect the south coast of England with the northern coast of France. It is the story of an undersea petrol pipeline!

Operation PLUTO or Pipe Line Under The Ocean was a successful mission to pump millions of gallons of petrol from England to France after the D-Day Landings in 1944. Without PLUTO, 75,000 vehicles would have run dry and the liberation of Europe would have faltered. This video explains the history of the PLUTO Pipeline and why it is so pivotal to Steve's vision and the work of Miracle Street. It begins in Oxford in 1555!