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An Unusual Pulpit
Many years ago I spent some time in the Salvation Army, it was a fascinating season in my life when I was exploring what my life’s calling was all about. I remember stumbling on some of the archive material about a guy called Harry Munn. His story is relatively untold but the impact it has had on me in incalculable. Let me tell you a few things about this remarkable evangelist.
He would enter the local bar closely followed by the musicians from the Salvation Army band. Before anyone knew what was happening, the whole of the band had marched clean through the place, in one door and out the other. Those who left their glasses were amazed to see the same procedure enacted all the way to the Salvation Army hall. Every pub was entered and emptied of its customers who followed the march inside the building providing Harry with his ideal congregation!
Many were drunk, others aggressive but others emotional. Harry Munn would pour out his heart to awaken them to the realisation that there was a better way to live. His language matched his love, and huge numbers responded to the Gospel, falling on their knees and weeping in front of the platform. During one of his meetings, a man shouted “I'm a hopeless drunk, I bet you can’t save me” Harry took him in a firm grip and prayed, “O God, make this chap's heart as soft as his head appears to be!”

Then there was a coffin, of all things, that Harry Munn preached from during his spectacular ministry as a preacher of the Gospel of Christ. The wooden pulpit accompanied him to many towns and cities. On one occasion he preached from the coffin to three thousand people in the Belfast Ulster Hall with his booming voice penetrating the remote corners of the venue with no microphone.

I have used many props to illustrate the Gospel over the years, inclusion a coffin! There are so many other stories I could tell you about Harry Munn and how I have emulated some of his ways. I believe we need to raise up evangelists in these days who are not afraid to use any and every means to reach lost and the forgotten people that God loves and Jesus died for.

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