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Berlin Wall 30
30 years the Berlin Wall fell after standing for 27 years as a depressing visual aid of a carved up post war Europe, a divided city, an enforced separation and the brutality of a totalitarian regime. In 1962 German families had watched the demolition of their homes as the bulldozers ripped up 192 streets. Their only crime was that they lived on the borderline. In the years that followed dozens of mostly young people were shot dead trying to cross from one side of Berlin to the other. Then in 1989, amidst worldwide political upheaval another man was killed attempting to navigate the machine guns, the barbed wire and the dog runs, he was to be the last. Following mass demonstrations at the Brandenburg Gate demolishing work began on the Berlin Wall.

For the ancient Jews, Jerusalem was the centre of the world, the Great Temple was the centre of Jerusalem and at the centre of the temple hung that curtain, a dividing wall separating a Holy God from sinful people. It stood for centuries as a reminder that God could be believed in but never reached, never touched, never known. And then one day 2,000 years ago datkness decended in the middle of the day and ground openned up. A divine earthquake as the tectonic plates of God’s love and justice moved together and Jesus Christ his son died on a convict’s cross for the sins of the world. That was outside the temple but a few hundred yards away inside the temple the unthinkable was about to happen. That colossal curtain, that Religious Wall designed to keep God in and people out was ripped from top to bottom with no one near it. For the first time in history access to God for all of us was made possible.

Don’t let anyone tell you that Jesus came to start a religion, he came to end religion! He made a way through the Dividing Wall and reconciled us to the Father. The Bible puts it very plainly “Jesus is our peace, he has destroyed the barrier, the Dividing Wall. When the Political Wall in Berlin fell people ran towards their families. When Jesus removed the Religious Wall, God ran towards you and me. If you feel walled in, fenced off or shut out from God then reach out in faith to him today and receive the ‘Access All Areas’ pass through Jesus. He loves you, he waits for you and he has a plan for your life.

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