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Forget Easter?
Dr John Sentamu, football fan and Archbishop, said this on Easter Sunday a few years ago:

“This afternoon Aston Villa are playing Everton, both clubs were founded by local churches. Football has come a long way since the Aston Villa Church Bible Class formed a football team in 1874 and St Domingo's Bible Class started playing football at Everton’s Stanley Park in 1884. But without the very first Easter Day, neither team would even exist. For that matter neither would Fulham, Manchester City, Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur, Birmingham City, Barnsley, Bolton Wanderers or Southampton who were all started by churches. When Villa take on Everton this afternoon perhaps they could abandon their convenient amnesia regarding their Christian heritage and the faith of their founders!”

A lot of us went to Sunday School and believed in God as kids but then life got complicated. Some of us feel like God has abandoned us but perhaps the real truth is that we have abandoned him. Easter is little more than chocolate and roast lamb these days but for a Christian it is the gamechanger, the day when the way to God was opened up by Jesus his son. Why not give Jesus a thought this Easter, maybe it’s time to go back and pick up what you left behind?

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