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From The Hand Of God
“The rights of man come not from the generosity of the state but from the hand of God” (President John F Kennedy’s inaugural address, January 20th 1961)

The Bible describes the church as a body, and when one part of it is suffering the whole body is affected. Imagine the lunacy of going to the hospital with an arm injury and being told by the doctor “Your arm is broken but we’re not going to sort it out because all bones matter”.

The church is about to be reimagined in a way it hasn’t been for generations and it’s response to the heartcry for racial inclusivity is in the foreground of this tremendous challenge. It must not simply be an amendment on our vision statements but something we radically demonstrate and model moving forward.

Platforms full of white faces, leadership and staff teams that do not match the diversity of the congregation, publicity materials full of white families and children’s books with no black children in them are what need to challenged. If these things are not changed the church will continue ‘reaching out’ and ‘cutting out’ at the same time.

The church must speak out against the structures that have been inherited by generations who have failed to dismantle or even challenge their existence. All men and women are created equal by God and he values all people equally in their beautiful and extravagant diversity. Time for change!


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