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As the winds have lashed the British Isles over this last week or so, many of us have recalled the events of 32 years ago when a woman phoned the BBC to say a hurricane was on the way. Brushing aside this amateur weather forecaster, weatherman Michael Fish predicted sea breezes and a showery airflow during the night. Within hours Britain was struck by winds approaching 150 mph that ripped through 300 miles of power cable, plunged a quarter of the nation into darkness, blocked 200 roads and felled 25 per cent of the trees in Kent. I was living in Worthing at the time and my friend lost a massive roof panel from his conservatory and never found it!

Far more accurate were the predictions in the Old Testament of the coming of Jesus Christ. These great Messianic prophecies pinpointed the precise location of Christ’s birth, the nature of his mission, the friends he would make and the events surrounding his death. When God opened the Heavens and Jesus stepped into time and space he was the living fulfilment of over 300 of those prophetic predictions. A mathematician said the likelihood of that happening without Jesus being the Messiah was equivalent to covering Great Britain in 50p coins and turning over a preselected coin first time at random. Jesus is alive, he is the Christ, the Messiah and the Hope of the World.

Following the great storm of October 1987, the Met Office admitted that it was the strongest hurricane to hit the UK in 300 years. Michael Fish was unavailable for comment, but his spokesman issued the following statement “It is really all a question of detail” I don’t think so somehow!


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