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Incubator Or Fridge?
“God never intended the church to be a refrigerator for preserving perishable self-righteousness he intended it to be an incubator for hatching new Christians” (GK Chesterton)

I believe in the church and I’m convinced it is God’s answer to a hurting world. Evangelists like me must always remind themselves that people need a father to love them and a family to be grafted into not merely a message to believe in. That’s the reason I’ve committed so much time and energy over the years growing the work of Miracle Street in partnership with local churches not just creating big events and projects.

The church has tremendous challenges as we respond to the heartcry of God to be accessible and inclusive to people everywhere. We live in dangerous times for sure and it’s the weak, the broken and the vulnerable who will always pay the highest price for a society that has abandoned it’s Christian foundations. We now live in a society where anything goes because when people let go of God they don’t believe in nothing they believe in anything. The answer must be that we allow God to build his church on the eternal foundations of truth and love whilst ensuring we’re not insisting on things that are merely taste and tradition. Whatever the shape of each church is, it must have a wide open door to the people that Jesus died to save for its responsibility to them is truly immense.

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