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January Blues
New Year, a moment of celebration followed by a month of determined effort to keep the promises we’ve made to ourselves.

New Year’s resolutions are well-meaning but all too often, profoundly unrealistic. We join gyms, subscribe to online diets, resolve to kick habits, align ourselves with new causes and pledge to behave differently. On average, a New Year’s resolution lasts 27 days before it is broken and the person who made it is left feeling a fed up failure.

Of course, some of us hit some of our targets but most of us miss them by a country mile. It can be a tad depressing when we realise, yet again, that something deep within our humanity means we fail to live up to our own standards let alone God’s standards. So, what is God’s response to the predicament we find ourselves in by the end of January once all the effort to fix ourselves has failed to deliver the breakthrough?

The Gospel carries with it a wonderful promise that God will take us as we are and make something beautiful out of our lives. There was an old song that loads of us used to sing in church years ago called ‘Jesus is the answer’ I remember sitting there as a frustrated failure saying to myself “I’m sure Jesus is the answer, but I’m still trying to figure out what the question is!” The simple truth is that Jesus really is the answer to whatever question, hang up, lurking fear or broken New Year’s resolution we may face. Happy New Year!

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