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Operation Ventilator
British inventor James Dyson, is reconfiguring the Dyson production line to make much needed ventilators for the National Health Service. They plan to assemble them in an old World War Two hangar in Wiltshire where the parachutes were packed for the US 101st Airborne ahead of the D-Day Landings. The British and American Airborne troops were the ‘first responders’ who jumped into battle ahead of everyone else. They were the equivalent of today’s medical and health workers fighting on the frontline of the coronavirus pandemic.

Never since the height of the 1940 Blitz has Britain been locked down like this and even then, there was greater freedom than we are seeing today. While Prime Minister, Boris Johnson and his team lead the nation under the media spotlight, something amazing is happening at grassroots level. An army of volunteers are stepping forward alongside retired medical professionals who are joining the effort during this extreme medical emergency.

It’s not the first time that British companies have come together and suspended their normal operations to engage in a national crisis. Some of the biggest names in construction such as Balfour Beatty, Sir Robert McAlpine and John Laing who now build roads, shopping malls and football stadiums joined forces. Together they deployed their expertise and resources to Operation Mulberry, an incredible plan to construct two portable harbours the size of Dover from scratch. They were then towed, in kit form, to Normandy to facilitate the bridgehead into Europe.

Today the enemy is invisible but the need of the hour requires great minds, great problem solving and great spirit. But unfortunately that’s not enough, we also need faith in a great God. Many will know that during the crisis of 1940 the King called the nation to prayer. The response was unprecedented, churches that had been empty for years were filled, up and down the land. Great things happened as a result and will happen again if we seek the face of God.

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