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Riding The Wave
These last few weeks I’ve been so privileged to be able to present the life-changing message of Jesus to many people at Alpha Courses, in churches and via our Big Story short films online. I have never seen so many people get converted and baptised as I have these last two years. I genuinely believe we are living in the beginnings of what so many of us have prayed for all these years.

As exciting as it is to do what God seems to have empowered me to do, there are weeks when I am consumed with more mundane things like running a charity and overseeing projects. It’s part of all of our lives, we have to do the less exciting stuff that allows us to do what we were born to do.

A couple of years ago an old guy died of natural causes in his house by the sea. His name was Jack O’Neill he was the founder of the iconic O’Neill clothing brand and also the inventor of the wetsuit! Jack died peacefully at the ripe old age of 94 on the wild Pacific coast overlooking the waves that he loved. That simple house had been his home for over half a century.

Jack O’Neill took to the sea and surfed daily well into his eighties and for the last few years he was credited with taking nearly 100,000 deprived kids out on his catamaran to experience the wild outdoors and learn about the ocean. A life well lived and a reminder to us all, perhaps, that we should do what we were put on the earth to do as often as possible.


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