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Say It Like It Is
This is a real plaque on a real bench in a London park! It’s so funny because it catches people unaware and has a shock factor that most of us quite like. More importantly, it challenges the crippling political correctness that has permeated every level of society. The more I read the words of Jesus the more I understand that he profoundly loved people but also disturbed them on days. He had the uncanny knack of ‘cutting to the chase’ and saying it like it was. I think people loved him for that even though he probably made them uncomfortable. He interrupted the religious status the quo and asked the awkward questions.

I believe the church must rediscover its voice and its confidence in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and reconnect with what it says about the human condition. I say we must both recapture and reimagine the clear presentation of the Gospel in our time and not be ashamed of it. The word Gospel actually means ‘Good News’ but unfortunately it starts with the ‘Bad News’ that we have spoilt our lives. We have failed to live up to our own standards let alone God’s standards.

The church has two great responsibilities to society, firstly to love the hurting and the vulnerable and secondly to communicate the Gospel in a way people can understand. I am constantly trying to find new and fresh ways of explaining this timeless message of Jesus Christ whilst endorsing every attempt to demonstrate his love and mercy to the pushed around and the rejected.a

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