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Stolen Identity
I recently made the uncomfortable discovery that someone went shopping before Christmas and then billed me for it. Being the victim of identity fraud is very common but not something that has ever happened to me. The feeling of being ripped off is horrible and the idea that someone is pretending to be me is even worse.

Many times, Jesus engaged personally with people whose true identity had been stolen. Not because someone had nicked their passport or credit card but because society had wrongly defined them. Bartimaeus the blind man forced to beg on the streets of Jericho, the woman with a morally questionable back catalogue that Jesus walked 30 miles to talk to. In both cases, Jesus singled them out for a specific reason.

Being a Christian, or a follower of Jesus, is not about becoming an irrelevant religious nutcase, it is about having your slate wiped, your debt cancelled and your identity restored to the one you were created with. I explain to the people I have the privilege of introducing to Jesus that life doesn’t become a walk in a flower garden but there is an undeniable certainty that we are eternally safe with an assurance that we belong to God. The Bible says that when someone comes to Jesus Christ, their identity is renewed and they become a new creation. The old passes away and they are literally born again into God’s family.

I thank God every day that he has forgiven me and given me a hope and a future I could never have imagined. Whatever your opinion is about Jesus, he is very clear about his opinion of you. Whatever your credit score, your true worth is considerably higher than your net worth.


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