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Thank God For Facebook
Everyone has an opinion on Facebook and of Facebook! For one person it’s an integral part of their day and even their life. Others steer well clear and even despise its very existence. I’m well in my 50’s these days and perhaps unusually for a bloke of my age, I’m very connected to Facebook. I can’t say I’m one of those people who post endless pictures of cats, Kanye or my breakfast but I do make good use this vast and rapidly growing audience to communicate a message I believe God has ask me to devote my life to.

The photo on my computer screen (next to my old man reading glasses) is of an old rugged venue in London which was knocked down many years ago to make way for yet another collection of superstores. You’ll also notice the name of the great Billy Graham in the picture. He was a man who, like me, was captivated by the challenge of finding fresh and innovative ways to proclaim the timeless message of Jesus Christ to the society he found himself in. For Billy Graham the context was these huge barn-like arenas and football stadiums where God used him to tremendous effect for many decades. 

Over the last two years I’ve used Facebook to send the Gospel around the world in the form of our Big Story 5-minute films that we shoot on location across the UK, Europe and very soon the USA. In the last three months we have had a global reach of over 5 million people with many hundreds of thousands watching these short films, lots of them wanting to make a personal response. 

For the last 30 years I have asked God to use my simple words to reach people across the nations with the message of forgiveness, restoration and transformation through Jesus. It has led me on an adventure I could never have imagined. I’ve seen so many respond publicly ‘Indoors and Outdoors’ but I never expected to be reaching so many ‘Online’ I’m excited for the future and expectant of what God will do.

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