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Big Steps at Ashley Walk Bombing Range

Deep in the heart of the New Forest among the heathlands and the ponies is a site that seems completely out of place. Surrounded by the tranquility and peace of the forest, is a disused WW2 bombing range!

Ashley Walk still bears the scars of the gigantic 22,000 pound 'Grand Slam' that filled the bomb bay of a Lancaster. The range was also one of the testing sites for the Barnes Wallis 'Upkeep' bouncing bomb that breached the mighty dams of industrial Germany in May 1943 devastating the war production of the Third Reich.

Standing on the spot where explosives were tested that ultimately destroyed towns and cities is a dramatic reminder of the horrors of war. People often ask "Where on earth is God in all the madness?" It's a massive question of course, but into the chaos of human devastation Jesus said “My peace I give to you” Ashley Range is a good place to grapple with some of these hugely challenging contradictions.