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The start of the Miracle Street story

Miracle Street began on the streets of Southampton as Steve began to sense God calling him to declare the Gospel in the open air back in 1987. The stereotype of 'street preachers' was something we challenged, instead creating comical and colourful presentations that people loved to stand and watch.

The vision in those early years was how to reach people on shopping precincts and high streets who would never go near a church. We toured around in a van with all kinds of crazy props!
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After the first few years developing the street presentations and drawing bigger and bigger crowds, Steve formed a team for a brand new venture. Together, we created a circus roadshow event incorporating daring escapes and breathtaking stage illusions as a way of reaching communities with the Gospel.

We toured the length and breadth of the UK for several years drawing family audiences with the love of God and the hope hope of new life in Jesus. The Circus Roadshow was how God began to lead us into visual and creative evangelistic events.
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