As our work spans the coasts of Europe we are continually inspired by an amazing story of a fuel pipeline.

In the wake of the D-Day Landings in Normandy that brought an end to WWII, Operation PLUTO swung into action. 'Pipe Line Under The Ocean' was a daring mission to pump millions of gallons of petrol through secret undersea pipes that connected the Isle of Wight to Normandy and Kent to the Pas-de-Calais. Without PLUTO, 75,000 vehicles would have run dry and the liberation of Europe would have faltered. The 75 mile long pipeline from the Isle of Wight was laid in one night by HMS Latimer, formerly the SS Empire Ridley, a cable laying ship named after two bishops who were martyred for the cause of the Gospel at Broad Street, Oxford in 1555.
These were Bishop Latimer's final words to his friend Bishop Ridley as they burned at the stake "Be of good cheer brother Ridley for tonight, by God’s grace, we light a candle in England that will never be extinguished" Those words were inscribed onto the hull of HMS Latimer as it laid the pipeline 400 years later. It was the battle cry of Force PLUTO as the task of liberating Europe was initiated on the coast of Normandy. As the Allies moved forward the PLUTO Pipeline was extended overland fuelling the liberation of occupied Europe.
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