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Big Steps at Tarrant Rushton Airfield

In 1941 the quiet Dorset village of Tarrant Rushton was overrun by the construction of a massive RAF airfield on its doorstep. In the early hours of June 6th 1944, gliders from Tarrant Rushton took to the skies towed by Halifax bombers to land the first troops into occupied Europe on D-Day spearheading the assault on Pegasus Bridge in Normandy.

Some people imagine Jesus as a softly spoken religious introvert, more familiar with a quiet village than a battlefield. He was certainly a man of peace but also seemed ready to engage in a battle when it was necessary. Jesus frequently disturbed the peace and challenging the religious status quo.

Big Steps at Tarrant Rushton is an opportunity get up close to the one of the surviving WW2 hangars and the runway where the soldiers departed on D-Day and two months later to seize the bridge over the River Rhine at Arnhem during Operation Market Garden.